Supervisor and Employee Self-Assessment Tool

Everyone at work needs health and safety skills and knowledge

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For the workplace (no matter how large or small) to be healthy and safe, everyone requires some form of health and safety training:

  • the employer
  • the supervisor
  • all employees – casual, part-time and full-time
  • students on work experience
  • new employees
  • contractors who work on your site

The type of training that each person in the organisation needs depends on:

  • role and responsibilities at work
  • occupation (e.g. plant and machine operators and people who handle hazardous substances need specific training)
  • hazards identified during an inspection of your workplace
  • nature and occurrence of injury and disease at work

How do you select the training that meets your needs?

The following checklist is designed to assist you in working out what health and safety training the employer/manager, supervisor and others who work in the organisation need.

The next step

Complete the checklist and contact Westvic Staffing Solutions to talk about our extensive Work Health and Safety programs.