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Health and Safety Consultancy Service

Having a robust safety management system in place is the foundation for managing safety in the workplace.

Today, good business practice places an increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility. At Westvic Staffing Solutions’ our aim is to enhance your business value and promote a health and safety workplace culture through the evaluation and continuous improvement in safety management.

Westvic Staffing Solutions offer an experienced and professional service in the provision of advice and assistance through our OHS qualified and lead auditor accredited consultants.

Our Service offer include:

  • Conduct a OHS Governance gap analysis
  • Conduct a OHS Management System desk top audit of your documentation against a standard benchmark (AS 4801)
  • Provide practical recommendations to address identified audit non-conformances
  • Conduct procedural audits verifying of your OHS Management System in practice
  • In consultation develop, update or modify OHS Management Systems documents
  • Facilitate the development of a OHS Risk Management Plan to address identified risks

An OHS Governance Gap Analysis and OHS audit is a proactive approach to ensure your safety management system is effective and complying with OHS regulations.

It also emphasises to colleagues that they work in an environment which wants to promote safety as one of its core values which in turn has a positive impact on overall business performance, leading to social benefits such as public, investor and stakeholder trust.