Cost benefits

Westvic Staffing Solutions understands that deciding to start a new employee is a major investment and also a risk. You’re likely to end up with the wrong person if you make the wrong decision by taking shortcuts to save time and money.

And the wrong appointment can lead to lack of productivity, loss of business, management downtime and decrease in morale for other staff.

Below are an indication of the costs your business may incur if you complete the process independently, and a comparison of the value Westvic Staffing Solutions can bring to your recruitment process.

Payroll Tax Exemption

Notice to Employers

Westvic Staffing Solutions has some positive news for employers who are subject to payroll tax on apprenticeship/traineeship wages.

The Victorian Government has endorsed payroll tax exemption on the wages of apprentices and trainees employed by approved not-for-profit Group Training Organisations from 1st January 2005.

What does this mean for you?

Any apprentice or trainee you employ through Westvic Staffing Solutions does not incur payroll tax charges up to 4.5% of employee gross wages and superannuation payments like most businesses.

This is a significant tax saving to your business – plus all the additional support traditionally enjoyed by our clients!

This frees up your time to focus on what you do best – manage your business!

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