Workplace Health and Safety

Westvic Staffing Solutions assist and support businesses to identify and understand the health and safety training needs.

Embedded in our values is the belief that all injuries are preventable, it is this that forms the framework to the way we do business, working closely with our customers in developing their health and safety awareness and knowledge is a key part of our service.

Providing health and safety training is good for business

Health and safety training is a sound investment

The money spent on health and safety training saves money in the long term. A workplace that is not healthy and safe may have to face insurance claims, medical bills, higher insurance premiums, replacement labour costs and lost productive time. Training reduces the risk of pain and injury at work.

Health and safety training is the responsibility of the employer

The law requires all employers to providing health and safety information and training for their employees.

There are many health and safety courses available and many training providers. It can be daunting trying to work out what training you need, who to go to for training and how to ensure the training meets your needs. Westvic Staffing Solutions can help you!

We invite you to take a few minutes to complete our simple Self-Assessment Tool.