Shared-host Employment with Westvic Staffing Solutions


Have you considered employing with Westvic Staffing Solutions through a shared-host arrangement?

What is a shared-host arrangement and how is Westvic involved?

  • Westvic acts as the legal Employer for the Apprentice, allowing flexibility in Host placements
  • One Apprentice is hosted with two employers on a 3 day / 2 day a week placement (eg. 5 days per fortnight)

S & J Anderson and Welec Pty Ltd are Host Electricians in the South West region who have collaborated with Westvic Staffing Solutions as shared Hosts since 2012, and have been sharing their second Apprentice since November 2016.

“Having the opportunity to share an apprentice was very beneficial to my business. Committing to a full time apprentice is a big commitment for any business to undertake and I found that sharing an apprentice gave me greater flexibility in managing my staffing levels. Working in conjunction with other host  electricians  within the region was a positive experience. A shared apprentice gives a young person an opportunity to get their start in the trade and gain exposure from working with different host employers.”

     – Stephen Anderson, S + J Anderson Pty Ltd.

“To me this has been an advantage to maximize my efficiency as it enables me to concentrate on my design works in a timely manner while my apprentice is off with the selected other tradesmen/business. This has also worked well with the highs and lows of workload as we do different types of work for different clientele and in different areas. This arrangement is one way of assisting in a more flexible workforce.”

   – Geoff Couch— Working Director, Weslec Pty Ltd.

Please click here to download our shared-host information flyer.