Jobs for the Future

Westvic Staffing Solutions in conjunction with Mike de Souza, CEO A3DMA recently conducted a series of Jobs for the Future Information Sessions in various areas across our region.

These sessions were an extension of the Multi Industry Trade Taster (MITT) Pilot Program currently being facilitated in schools across the region as part of Westvic Staffing Solutions commitment to supporting Jobs for the Future. The MITT Pilot Program provides a unique opportunity to students through the exploration of industry, emerging technologies, global trends and insight into Jobs for the Future. This in turn allows students to make informed decisions in their vocational pathways.

In order to meet global needs of the industrial revolution and future industries, we need to identify what the impact of technologies and STEM learning will be and align skill and knowledge development for a 21st Century employee.

With Mike’s presentations, we were able to assist students in exploring their futures with advanced technology, and in particular 3D manufacturing, through Mike de Souza’s experience and vision of Jobs for the Future.

To read more on Mike’s presentations to students across our region, please follow the links below:

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Westvic Staffing Solutions CEO, Dean Luciani and A3DMA CEO, Mike de Souza


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