Apprenticeship Employment Network

Under our Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) jobseekers are employed as apprentices and trainees and are placed with host employers who act as trainers for an agreed period.

Our AEN apprentices and trainees undertake training that is matched to industry requirements to gain nationally recognised qualifications. They gain broader experience and a variety of work by rotating through different host employers if there is a need.

Apprentice/Trainee Consultants manage and monitor your training in the workplace and your awareness and use of safe work practices. We visit you regularly in the workplace.

Apprentice/Trainee Consultants also link with the training provider to ensure you are receiving the required training. They provide ongoing support to handle problems that may come up. The objective is to ensure that you are maintained in continuous work over the duration of the apprenticeship or traineeship and that you achieve a successful outcome from your training.

As an AEN employee we work with your host employer to ensure that you are receiving the correct pay and employment conditions. We prepare you to not only achieve the most out of your employment and training but also to advance your personal management and occupational health and safety skills

Our AEN is active in a wide variety of industries helping young and older people to commence careers in fields such as hospitality/tourism, automotive, electrotechnology, engineering, construction, business services, retail, childcare, horticulture, sport and recreation, printing and graphic arts. We assist you to create a firm base for a long term future in your chosen occupation through contacts and networking

We are part of a national network of 150 Group Training organisations employing almost 40,000 apprentices and trainees throughout Australia. The network also provides a means for apprentices and trainees to find work or ongoing training throughout Australia.

Westvic Staffing Solutions recognises excellence and awards high performing apprentices, trainees and school based apprentices. Many of our apprentices and trainees are successful in training provider awards and WorldSkills competitions which are the international system of competition for vocational trades.