Eight Find Traineeships Under New Program

After 10 years of being unemployed, Daryl Foster’s wallet is feeling better and so is his self-esteem since he recently re-joined the workforce through a new traineeship program.

Mr Foster, 36, has started a hospitality traineeship at the Flying Horse in Warrnambool through the State Government’s Jobs Victoria Employment Network program offered locally by Westvic Staffing Solutions.

“I feel a lot better about myself and finally have some cash in my pocket,” he said.

Mr Foster admits he’s had hard times over the past decade as he barely survived without work and dealt with relationship, drinking and anger problems.

He had applied for jobs but when potential employers found out he didn’t have a car or licence “they didn’t want to know me”.

“My self-esteem was bad because I didn’t have anything and then I just gave up applying for jobs.”

That all changed when his Westvic Staffing Solutions case manager introduced him to the new initiative.

Over the three years of the program, Westvic Staffing Solutions plans to place 96 jobseekers into apprenticeships and traineeships.

Westvic Staffing Solutions Chief Operating Officer Wayne Robertson said the program has a focus on jobseekers that require assistance to gain employment. “We have been working closely with employers to identify job opportunities and prepare jobseekers for those roles,” he said.

The Jobs Victoria Employment Network is the Victorian Government’s major activity to help Victorians facing barriers to employment into jobs. The program offers links to community support services to meet the needs of jobseekers facing employment barriers and maximise employment outcomes.

Flying Horse proprietor Matthew Monk said he had been encouraged by Westvic Staffing Solutions to employ local people and give those who hadn’t been in work for some time an opportunity

“There is some apprehension dealing with someone who hasn’t worked for so long but we also see the other side and their keenness to get back into work,” Mr Monk said.

“There’s scope for someone like Daryl who is prepared to do different things. We’re giving him a myriad of options to help him find his feet and so far he’s taking the right steps.”

Mr Foster is pleased to “feel like I’m making a contribution”.

He is doing four-hour shifts, working in cleaning, food preparation and helping in the bottle shop.

“I never thought I’d be a hospitality worker but I enjoy it,” he said. “Now I’m feeling more confident and have self-esteem which wasn’t there before I started working.”

“People in this situation should hang in there and don’t give up. Something will come by sooner or later.”

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