1000 Jobs in 5 Years Community Campaign Launches

Over the last 4 years, Westvic Staffing Solutions have received tremendous support from our communities and have created a total of 743 apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities during our Community Campaigns.

As we enter our fifth Community Campaign, we believe with the strong, continued support of our local industry and communities, we can create a total of 1000 jobs over a 5-year period. Join us on our quest as we challenge our local communities to achieve this target. As a community, let’s achieve 1000 jobs in 5 years.

Westvic Staffing Solutions have been instrumental in job creation for over 35 years and as a result, identified the need to target youth unemployment in our region. In 2015, Westvic Staffing Solutions initiated a community campaign that specifically targeted the youth unemployment rate in the regions we service across South West Victoria. The campaign was aimed to generate energy, enthusiasm and leadership amongst regional employers and job seekers.

The ‘100 Jobs in 100 Days Community Campaign’ was established and commenced in November 2015. The success of this campaign encouraged Westvic Staffing Solutions to continue to focus on and address the youth unemployment rate, and therefore a second 100 Jobs in 100 Days Community Campaign was formed.

As numbers reached over the two campaigns had far exceeded our 100 jobs target, the outstanding success poised Westvic Staffing Solutions to create even more opportunity and therefore, the campaign was transitioned to a new initiative, the ‘200 Jobs in 100 Days Community Campaign’. The two 200 Jobs in 100 Days Community Campaigns created a total of 410 job opportunities, combined.

With the fifth campaign now approaching and following on from the overall successes of Westvic Staffing Solutions’ community campaigns over the last 4 years, we are challenging our communities to assist us to achieve 1000 jobs over a 5-year period. The ‘1000 Jobs in 5 Years Community Campaign’ will see Westvic Staffing Solutions combine the jobs created from all five previous community campaigns. Westvic Staffing Solutions will then create a further 257 jobs in a 100-day period to bring the overall total of jobs created over a 5-year period, to 1000.

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